Welcome to the Keas Project Manager (version 1.0.2004.09.14).
Important! GOLD Release!
The application's homepage: KeasPrjMngr
Files can be downloaded from the SourceForge page:
Bugs, feedback, comments are always appreciated. You can use the links below.
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The purpose of this application (KPM) is to provide a desktop application that will allow software developers an easy way to track a project, it's features, to dos and changes. Also, several scripts (Perl and PHP) will be provided to help get the project(s) online. And if the user has a website, with a protected MySQL database (like I do) then the KPM Will use either a Perl or PHP api to synchronize the two databases. But I am putting the cart before the horse.

Java Runtime Enviornment or SDK (1.4+ recommended.)
MySQL Database that is accessible via network/internet connection.
Winzip, Stuffit, tar, gzip, gunzip etc... Basically so you can upack the files.
Most of the necessary libraries and classes are included. Everything is in a folder called libs. You will need to move the jars to someplace on your hard drive and set the classpath for them. However, the javahelp docs are not included. I am including a link to the download for JavaHelp. Get JavaHelp

Your first stop should be the Help.html file included in the archive. It contains installation and usage details that just are not covered in this readme. To use the program, obviously, you will want to run the app. From console or command line, type (using the src): java PrjMain That will launch the application. If it's your first start, you should be prompted with a configuration window. Fill it in. The click Projects, Viewer to see projects in the database. If you haven't setup the database, click Database, then click each menu item, in order. (This sequence presumes that you have an installed, working database.) From here, you can add projects and items at will. If you are using the JAR file, you could double click on it, most operating systems will support that behavior, or from a command line: java -jar KeasPrj.jar

Please be aware that there is still a lot to be done to this application. Treat this as a bleeding edge release, that almost certainly has bugs, errors and things that flat out don't work. In fact, let's go to the list of things now:

    New Changes 1.0.2004.09.14
  1. Item editor now refreshes properly.
  2. Added help system. Needs the JavaHelp 2.0 See above.
  3. Added Updater to check for most recent Jar file.
  4. Publishing to web via http(s) working.
  5. Added database monitor.
    Previous Changes 0.5.2004.01.18
  1. Add/Edit Items functional.
  2. Add/Edit Projects functional
  3. Config file encrypts password
  4. Config file read/write functional.
  5. Added background image to main desktop pane.
  6. Text area on Add Project fixed.
    Previous Changes 0.5.2004.01.11
  1. Created DB Functions for gathering list of items specific to project.
  2. Created the Add Items interface
    Previous Changes 0.4.2004.01.02
  1. Created Configuration IO code.
  2. Created interface for writing Configuration.
    Previous Changes 0.3.2003.12.29
  1. Migrated the Project Picker window to it's own class. (2003/12/29)
  2. Converted Project Picker window and Add Project window to internal frames. (2003/12/29)
  3. Fixed title bars for each window. (2003/12/29)
  4. Started investigating browser features for help documentation. (2003/12/29)
  5. Updated the screen shots. (2003/12/29)
  6. Updated the about dialog. (2003/12/29)
  7. Updated website. (2003/12/29)